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Hypnosis is rather a state of profound physical and mental relaxation during which you become inwardly focussed – aware of your immediate reality but with a comfortable sense of detachment from it – a wonderful calm and relaxed state. You are fully awake and alert whilst experiencing hypnosis and not under anyone’s power or influence except your own, regardless of what you have seen on television.  


An excellent school teacher inspired my fascination with language and literature in my early years. I attended Chester College to study for my BEd Degree in September 1986 and studied Psychology / Art and Education. I realised that I enjoyed working with challenging students in challenging areas. 


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. If you are interested in improving your self-esteem, your confidence or if you are simply interested in self-esteem and confidence I have detailed as follows a case study which I hope will be of interest to you 


My stop smoking sessions conducted in Buckingham generally take two differing formats and the one you select depends on the one you feel will work best for you. I will discuss both options with you first before we make a decision. 


Related symptoms – blurred vision, headaches, salivation, increased heart rate, shaking, blushing, aches and pains, feeling clammy, IBS, sugar cravings, sleep problems, tightening of chest , tension across scalp, knot in the stomach, fear of heart attack or stroke, dizziness. 


New - Thursday 2nd February 2017 from 7-9pm for 10 weeks - Venue : The Quaker Centre, 1 Oakley Gardens, Downhead Park MK15 9BH. There are limited places left. Call me on 07968 106113 or 01908 989 652. READ MORE > 


Hypnotherapy and Talking : If you are feeling lost or unsure of yourself or a bit ‘ stuck in a rut ’ may be I can help. I have written a few key points here … 


Hypnotherapy and Your Body : The Mind/Body connection : Someone once said to me that the body is like the best ever Chemistry set you could ever be given. It is full of wonderful systems … 


Hypnotherapy and Emotional Intelligence : One of my favourite quotations focuses on the fact we believe ourselves to be ‘thinking creatures that feel, whereas in fact we are actually feeling creatures that think’ ( Jill … 
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