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I am working with a group of 15 people who have all come together to lose weight. They are from Buckingham, Bedford and Milton Keynes and whilst there is a financial aspect to joining the course the more important factor is the time and personal commitment they have all made to the programme. The group is wonderful and have kindly offered some testimonials which are copied below.  
This is not a traditional Slimming Club. The programme is a psychological therapeutic approach to weight loss combined with relaxation, guided meditation and hypnosis. Whilst the desired outcome the members of the group have is weight loss and maintenance of that weight loss, the programme treats weight as a symptom. Thus the focus is much more on the causes of why we eat / over eat / don’t eat / binge etc. Once we begin to understand the causes, the symptom is alleviated and therefore much more manageable. The psychological skills and strategies I offer not only apply to weight management but to life in general. 
If you are interested in speaking to me about slimming and weight loss and / or hypnosis my new courses start every month in 2017: Evening & Daytime 
Please contact me for a  
no - obligation chat on01908 218120 / 07968 106113. Private appointments are also available at my practice in Sherington and Newport Pagnell Medical Centre 
( Wednesdays ). 

Recent Weight Loss Testimonials 

Thankyou very much for all your support and encouragement on your Think Yourself Slim courses. I have now lost over three stone and feel fantastic. Doing the Locus of Control work has been very powerful and has flipped my life around completely. I used to let things bother me and now I’M in control ! I used to be reactive and now I’m pro-active ! I missed your food man’s session and look forward very much to hearing him speak on the next course. I keep up momentum between courses which is wonderful for my self esteem. See you again in as few weeks,  
Jennie / Milton Keynes. 
Hi Fiona, I have found your course very interesting- the theories and the relaxation. I am more focussed, more determined, less afraid, more aware of my issues and no longer plagued by past events. I will continue to work on managing my thoughts so that I no longer ‘ eat’ my way out of anxiety and stress. I intend to go to the gym more and finally publish my two books. I am able to relax more, I write better and am enjoying running. My inner voice is more positive and I am much kinder to myself. Thankyou very much – I will pop in from time to time if that’s ok with you. 
Martin / Milton Keynes. 
Hi Fiona, I have enjoyed your course. I did not come on it to lose weight but to help with my stress. I now sleep well, feel relaxed and have lost weight as well. It has been very interesting and helpful. Thankyou, 
Irina / Milton Keynes 
Hi Fiona, I have enjoyed your course and it has helped me deal with my sweet tooth. I have lost over a stone and now want to lose another 20lbs. I have done it steadily and have changed my habits.  
David / Milton Keynes 
I am a 47 year old entrepreneur, who enjoys good food, and this got me thinking about my weight a few months ago, as over the years my weight has crept up. 
I heard about Fiona Rosenberg through one of my network meetings so thought it was well worth giving her Think Yourself Slim course a go. I had tried every diet under the sun and only ended up putting on weight after losing it. I have now learnt that it was not a diet I needed but a new way of thinking. Fiona’s course is teaching me that it’s not the food I eat that’s the problem, but how my brain perceives what I want to eat. 
Our brains want to keep us safe and protected, but with hypnotherapy it has stopped that fight I had with myself and my conscience, and I now feel in a better place mentally, which is allowing the weight to come off. I now see myself slimmer and happier. 
Thankyou Fiona your help has been invaluable. 
J , Bedford. 
Hi Fiona, Thanyou for your courses. I have learned what causes stress and I have learned to look forward now not back. I have got something from every session – I’m more confident, happier, more active and accept myself more. I am looking forward to consolidating what I have learned and putting it into practise and also to achieving my ultimate weight loss goal. Thankyou very much, 
Angela / Milton Keynes. 
Hi Fiona, Your course is very interesting. I am learning to get my straight talking thoughts to the fore. The nutritional advice by your guest speaker has been excellent and has really helped. I now have an understanding that I DO have control, I acknowledge my weaknesses, I am making good food swops, I can prioritize better and realise that weight may not actually be a top priority. There is other stuff to be done first ie. my head ! I have learned the importance of letting go, SAGGing, getting out of ‘ viceland’ and applying E-Th-B to everything. I am enjoying my Nomad and have learned self hypnosis. I have also accepted that sometimes ‘ I do not know ‘ and that’s ok. Diets work : People don’t has been a favourite mantra for me. You have given me new thinking processes and the ability to start firing on all cylinders ! I feel I am recharging, I’ve got ‘ tools’ and I now know I can do the work I need to do. Eustress session was fascinating. See you on the next course – thankyou SO much, 
Emma / Milton Keynes. 
Over the years I had developed several negative behaviours associated around food and weight, which seemed impossible to break out of. I had been successful in weight loss of up to 5 stone but it was apparent to me that there were other behaviours (that were still effecting my life), which were more deeply rooted than I had first thought. 
Luckily for me, Fiona’s course was advertised in the building in which I work and it was actually one of my work colleagues that brought the course to my attention after months of me moaning and feeling generally fed up about food and my bad habits. 
After all I had all the tools to lose weight if I wanted to, a Personal Trainer boyfriend who would invest any time that I needed him to along with healthy diet plans. But I knew this is just a quick fix, I know how to lose weight but what I didn’t have is a different way of thinking accompanied with various coping strategies to make me understand why I think and behave the way I do. 
Fiona’s course is indeed very unique but totally effective. The description on her leaflet advertising the course sounded too good to be true! Mainly because so many of these courses that are on the market are so expensive, making it something that I would not normally be able to consider, even if I wanted to. 
So thank you Fiona, for everything that you have given me in the last 10 weeks. I have noticed a significant change which certain behaviours and I am left feeling far more content than I ever had been previously. I would highly recommend “Think yourself Slim” especially to those of you who have tried every other method and are still banging your head against a brick wall! 
You won’t be left disappointed! 
Charlotte Milton Keynes 
Fiona’s course taught me many things that I was not expecting on a weight course. I have learned that I allow annoying things people do to affect me and my emotions and therefore my behaviours eg. Over eating (!). I have lost weight without having to be on a strict diet, I am now in control of myself, I love who I am ( a Big change for me ) and I am enjoying exercising. I only want to lose another 4 lbs then I will be where I have wanted to be for years. I recommend Fiona’s course to anyone and always enjoyed coming to the sessions where as in fact in the past I have always tried to get out of going to weight loss evenings. Thankyou Fiona for a truly enlightening experience.  
Estelle Milton Keynes. 
Absolutely everything on the course has been informative and inspiring. I am more positive, my outlook on life has changed, I am more confident and am starting to accept myself. I am in much more control of my inner voices. This course has been BRILLIANT and LIFE CHANGING. It’s the first thing I have committed to and seen through in years.  
Faye Milton Keynes. 
The course has been a wealth of information and offered me so many choices. It has changed my shopping habits easily and I lost 6 inches off my waist in the first four weeks ( and am still losing inches ). I am diabetic so the ability to lose weight in that area of my body has been a great emotional boost and good for my health. My doctor is very pleased indeed. I have much less conflict now with my life and family and no longer let others impose their agendas on me. It’s been an amazing and enabling experience and I’ve booked onto Fiona’s next course. Thankyou Fiona. Also – Great Guest speaker.  
Jennie Milton Keynes. 
Fiona’s course has been fascinating. I’ve learned all about my ‘voices’ in my head especially my Scientist Saboteur ( !! ) who is very clever indeed. I can now identify certain voices in my head and link them to some of my embedded Beliefs. I feel I have reprogrammed my system and am now taking control. I eat consciously and know that nothing in life is personal. I’m now able to focus on me and I’m enjoying ‘bedding in the tools Fiona has offered me.’ Being able to relax for the last hour of every session has been invaluable. Great Guest Speaker.  
Andrena Bedford. 
Loved the Brainwork. I think much more now and recognise how the brain can be manipulated and that in the past I have worried too much about others. It’s been a balancing act of convincing the rest of me to agree with my thoughts. The sessions have been very interesting and beneficial. The mind is a wonderful thing and Fiona has shown me just a little of what we know. Totally recommend the course.  
James Milton Keynes. 
I needed to lose weight and so after one personal session with Fiona, joined her 'Think Yourself slim Class' last September. The class is instructive,fun and quite honestly a little mind-blowing. I am a 'doubting Thomas' and cannot be hypnotised but I have lost (according to my 'Withings scales') 1 stone 8lbs. 
The weird part is - the weight-loss was a bit of a by-product in the end, I now have the job I want, self-esteem and enjoy the classes so much I have signed up again . 
I am not into happy-clappy 'sharing' but we have some great laughs and share some intense moments. I have made some fantastic friends. Fiona is a positive force of nature, she is an amazing, clever, articulate and incisive person. She has had such an effect on my life that I now wonder what I would have been if I had met her 30 years ago. Brilliant! Thanks F! 
Jennifer – Regional Manager. 
I had always been very sceptical about hypnosis and counselling of any description in the past. I would consider myself to be a strong willed individual who is in control of my life. However there is always room for improvement so with an open mind I started speaking to Fiona about the one area of my life I was less happy with....my weight and body image. I'm not quite sure how this works but it does work and the outcome from my meetings with Fiona has been extremely positive. I am a converted sceptic who has now achieved my goal weight within four months and has a much more positive outlook on my body image. Fiona has a great approach and I imagine also can adapt her style to suit her clients and their particular needs extremely well. If you're struggling with weight issues and have tried every other method in the book I would say this is the easiest and most pain-free way of losing weight!  
L, Watford. 
I just wanted to drop you a line about the Think Yourself Slim course I am participating in with you.  Although we have only completed two weeks, I want you to know how much I am enjoying it and also getting from it. 
I came into the first session with low expectations and quickly discovered that those expectations were held by my mind monkeys and not the real me.....that was a real Aha! Moment.  There is still so much to explore however I am already thinking differently and behaving differently (I haven’t bought any cakes, snacks or sweets on my last two food shops).  I LOVE the fact you encourage us to go at our own speed and allow our brains to catch up in their own time.  I feel no stress during the group sessions and have lots to think about after them.  
Sarah / Milton Keynes 
Hi Fiona, I have really enjoyed your course. It has helped me get into a routine, focus on my goals, understand the psychology of change – it has been very thought provoking. I have a positive feeling in my mind and accept that I am not a ‘Warrior.’ I now understand urges to eat and am able to not respond to them. I make choices and am in control and this is consistent. I will continue to lose weight and achieve my goal of 30lbs and am enjoying being able to relax more and practise self hypnosis. I will be joining you again on the next course ! and am looking forward to reading some of the books you recommended : The Chimp Paradox and Paul McKenna’s new book. See you in a few weeks ! 
Jacqui / Milton Keynes. 
Fiona has a unique ability to guide you through a concern enabling you to pinpoint issues, understand and fix them.  She is a highly intelligent, empathetic and gifted therapist who takes you to the heart of an experience helping you to find the root and leads you out to a refreshing new place of energy and restoration. 
I have no hesitation in recommending Fiona to anyone as a unique skilled hypnotherapist. 
A / Milton Keynes 
Just wanted to say thank you for your seminar – by far the best one I’ve heard for a long time. You succeeded in explaining very technical stuff in simple layman’s terms so we all remained engaged for the duration. Brilliant. Thanks,  
Hi Fiona, I have enjoyed listening and learning all the different topics on your Think Yourself Slim course. It has been very interesting and logical and helpful. I have lost a lot of weight, I now understand my internal dialogue more and know when to listen and when to not listen. I deal with stress better and believe I can achieve my goals. I am going to work on keeping myself motivated and staying positive even if I have a little ‘ blip.’ Also building confidence and being more assertive. My goal is to lose 70lbs this year and I am well on track for that. You have helped me learn how to relax. The book recommendations have been very useful and I even find myself looking for websites to keep me motivated and have put posters up around my home. I now deal with problems and realise that committing to come to every session has also been important. Every session gave me something new to build on. Your course has given me more confidence to change myself. Thankyou so much, 
Sue / Milton Keynes. 
After years of battling with my weight, depression and anxiety Fiona's course felt like my last chance. 
Although I was apprehensive I went in with an open mind and I can honestly say that the content was informative, interesting and inspiring. Fiona is friendly and a positive influence that helps you to realise your potential. 
For the first time in a very long time I am beginning to like myself and believe in myself. Suddenly the mammoth task of losing my weight feels like an exciting journey to positively change my future. I have not felt judged by Fiona or the group and I felt like a person in my own right not 'the lonely fat person' I have felt in many group situations. It has been refreshing to be part of a group that doesn't focus on my weight problem and make me feel guilty for my previous diet failures. This time I really feel like I CAN do this because I'M IN CONTROL.  
F/ Milton Keynes. 
Ever since my mid teens I've carried extra weight and done many well known diets,. Although, I now know it to which started to work but gradually failed was me that failed and not the diet! Attending Fiona's "Think Yourself Slim" programme has educated me in the reasons why I have always failed at these diets. All I can say is that I feel totally different about the way I now think about food and importantly not putting myself through that "deprivation" hell! Fiona is experienced in her field and has a wealth of knowledge that she is passionate about sharing with us on our weight loss journey. At Fiona's sessions I never have that "feeling" you sometimes get when you go to weight loss groups and everyone is encouraged to share how much they've lost and the emphasis is only on this. Weigh in is done discreetly and confidentially, not in front of everybody which people find much more comfortable. I look forward to each week learning something new about our powerful mind and how we can change our behaviours with food, and also our relaxation time with Fiona's soothing voice aiding us to a "better me!". I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone wanting to make a change about the way they think about food!  
Well what can I say, being a chap I though going to a ‘fat club’ would be all about diet and fitness training and the class would be full of ladies! 
Well surprise! Only one of those facts was correct, yes it’s a class full of ladies, But hey, that’s not a bad thing! Although more men are becoming interested! 
Fiona talks more about brain patterns and why your body is craving foods rather than actually suggesting dieting etc.Fiona has a world of knowledge gained from years of experience – she offers a fascinating and interesting approach to the way your mind works and how it can be rewired to help you limit your previous cravings. By using this approach Fiona will help you understand and assist you in controlling current urges such as food consumption, however much the same approach 
could be made for smoking, drinking and general habits where you have over the years trained your mind to expect. Fiona will do her best to reverse the pattern, which will make it much easier for you to limit or stop altogether. 
I would firmly recommend Fiona Rosenberg classes - an extremely effective route to achieve your goals at a low cost. You will lose weight 
and feel better about yourself without doubt. 
James Lodge 
The best way I can think of describing Fiona's Think Slim group is if somebody were to stand on their head and say "look at it this way".  Fiona simply provides an alternative view on how to approach your weight loss which breaks away from the ever repeating cycle of dieting.  Fiona has provided me with a new approach that is working, I am learning a lot about myself and how my brain controls what I eat and the relaxation session at the end may well be helping with this but more than anything it is a pure luxury. 
A / Bedford. 
I just wanted to write a note to say how much I am enjoying and learning from the Think Yourself Slim course that I am attending on Thursday evenings. What I particularly enjoy is the variety of options that you are offering us – a bit like a toolbox – where we can try things out to see if they work for us. 
I don’t know how much weight I have lost so far – and to be honest I don’t care about that. More than anything else I am enjoying the voyage of discovery that I am currently embarked upon and hope that by the end of it I will know a great deal more about me and my relationship with food. Keep up the good work. 
Barbara Cherryman. 


Stephen called me at 9am one morning from his car and said that he had seen my website and would like to lose some weight and asked if he could book an appointment. I asked if he had 10-15mins to give me some background information however he said he would prefer to talk though everything when he saw me since he was driving. He said he knew what my fees were and they seemed in line with other therapists he had looked at. He said my office was 10mins from his home and that was why he had called me. I said to Stephen that whilst I usually liked to get some background information beforehand as he was driving I was happy to book him an appointment however was he on ‘hands free’ and if so I would like to ask him just one question that I ask anyone interested in my services. He said yes so I asked 
‘ does he truly want to lose weight / initiate change in his life ? ’ 
There was a slight pause and then he said he was ‘sick of dieting and it not working and wanted to try something else.’ I was wary of the ‘ something else ’ comment as I did not want Stephen to see the therapy as part of a list of options – ie. if he did not achieve his goal with me, then he could simply ‘try something else.’ I said it would be really helpful to me if Stephen could tell me what he had seen on my website that indicated to him that I could help him and he said he knew a few people who had given up smoking successfully using hypnotherapy so he believed it may help with his weight loss and also he was stressed quite a lot of the time and thought I may be able to help him relax as well. 
SESSION 1 of 3 - TUESDAY – 6.30 – 8pm. 
Stephen arrived on time and said that he had left work early so he could ‘ nip home and get changed first.’ He was warm and friendly and shook my hand. I invited him into my office and we sat down easily. I thanked him for returning his forms. I said it would be really useful for me if he could give me some background information relating to what he hoped the therapy could achieve ( expectations ) and anything about his desire to lose weight that he felt relevant. I asked if he minded me taking a few notes as we hadn’t managed to talk for long when he first called. 
Stephen said that he had tried many times to lose weight on various diets and some had been successful however he always put the weight back on, and more this time. He said he knew he was overweight and did very much want to lose some weight. He felt unhealthy and the birth of his son Daniel ( 1year old ) had made him ‘hear alarm bells ( auditory modality )’ and cause him to think about his health more closely. However Daniel had been born a year ago and Stephen had actually put on weight since then. 
He said his wife cooked all his meals ( he couldn’t cook ), 
he was always in business lunch meetings 
and he enjoyed eating in restaurants. 
SESSION 2 OF 3 - 6.30pm – 8pm 
Preparation – We had previously booked for Monday but Stephen brought it forward to give him a boost before Friday night dinner at his parent’s house. It was always a food event. When he re-scheduled the appointment I asked that he mention to his Mum ( and family, friends and colleagues ) that he is now ( present tense, right here / right now – CBT – don’t look back etc ) going to lose ( not trying to lose ) a few pounds and as such would very much appreciate her ( their ) support so that he did not feel it would be an ‘ issue ’ on the Friday night ( at business lunches / in restaurants ). I asked if he had bought a book about healthy eating / living which he had and he now knew how to calculate the calories he was eating and what his daily allowance was ( and that he had to reduce it to lose weight and / or exercise ). 
I wanted to work with Stephen on core beliefs this evening and more importantly to help him realise how those beliefs were structured / when they may have been formed and that some may benefit from a little updating to serve him in a more healthy way. I had printed my Precision Model hand exercise onto card. I thought Stephen would grasp it well intellectually as well as physiologically – he enjoyed playing golf which required many skills including a good grip and I wanted to utilise his ‘hands’ and ‘ grip’ in the session. I wanted to continue to encourage Stephen to focus inwards on Stephen as opposed to relying on external influences which we had already identified could cause conflict and misunderstanding – this exercise would help Stephen achieve this and I thought it would help him also as a salesman at work since he could apply the same language he was using to challenge his own beliefs to decipher meaning with other people. With Stephen beginning to trust and understand himself better there would be less internal conflicts and he would be better prepared to face the challenge of losing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle mentally and physically. 
SESSION 3 OF 3 - 6.30 - 7.30pm 
Preparation – Stephen had called earlier to say that he could only stay for an hour so I altered my session planning accordingly. This was Stephen’s final session of the three however I knew that weight loss usually required at least three more sessions which Stephen was welcome to book should he so wish. I wanted to talk about locus of control with Stephen today as he was still relying quite heavily on the opinions of others ( external ) which was inevitably causing conflict within him as opposed to relying on himself ( internal). 
His understanding of his therapy varied between conscious incompetence ( he was aware of what he was trying to do ) and conscious competence ( he was aware of what he had to do and was actually doing ) and he was ‘enjoying the ride.’ He was doing his homework tasks and had kept a daily blog on my website which illustrated that he felt the therapy was more about personal growth and change than a diet. He had lost weight and moreover he did not feel as though he was on a diet. 
I loaded my Google Body Browser onto my computer. It is an amazing programme that shows the image of a computer generated woman first in simple clothes and then with each click a layer is removed to reveal tastefully her naked body, then her muscles then blood circulatory system, nervous system ( parasympathetic and sympathetic ), internal organs and respiratory system and finally her skeleton. I challenge anyone to look at it and not feel a bit guilty about how we treat such an amazing thing – ie our body. 
The aim of today was very much to continue focussing Stephen’s attention on Stephen internally so that he could trust and rely on and ‘love’ himself. 
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