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Stop Smoking 
I have said several times throughout my website that I very much like reading, telling and writing stories which is one of the reasons why I became and remain fascinated by hypnotherapy. Most people of any age enjoy stories and the line ‘ Once upon a time…….’ captures most peoples attention – whether they stay to listen is up to the Story teller. 
So I am going to present for you here a partly fictitious ( some facts have been changed ) case study and if any part of it is of interest to you please give me a call. It is only a single example of how I work and not all of it may work for you however I hope it gives some insight into my operating style. Should you wish to come and see me we will discuss what we both feel will work for you – every session is different because every individual is unique. 
I hope you find it useful or at least an interesting read. 
My stop smoking sessions generally take two differing formats and the one you select depends on the one you feel will work best for you. I will discuss both options with you first before we make a decision. 
First choice / format : 
You make a committment to stop smoking on or before the first session that we have together and the session comprises of an initial hour in which we talk about and break down and understand what smoking has meant / means to you, what it gives you / does not give you, why you want to give it up and so on and then the second hour ratifies the commitments and changes you have made during the first hour using hypnosis. In this way the hypnosis is personal to your relationship with smoking as opposed to a general hypnosis script that more than likely will not contain what is important to you.  
This personalises the effectness of the treatment. You are then entitled to two further sessions whenever you choose and you can use them for either maintaining your new non-smoker status or you can use them to work on anything at all that interests you for example goal setting, self esteem and confidence, phobias, pain control, weight, stress, updating beliefs and values, spirituality and personal growth and so on. 
Second choice / format : 
Some people prefer to stop smoking over a period of time as opposed to stopping immediately in one session. As such we can work together over three sessions to help you stop smoking. We set a goal in session one and work towards that goal over the three sessions. Each session is 2hours long with the first hour generally focussing on talking / therapy work and the second ratifying the decisions / committments that have been made. You are free to space the sessions out over a long period of time or they can be over a short period of time – the choice is yours. 
Please contact Fiona directly for specific costs on smoking sessions. 
I have provided a snapshot of how I work on the ‘ Stop Smoking in one session ‘ first choice format below. If you would like to stop smoking and would like to talk to me please call – there is no obligation to make an appointment. 


My first contact with Louise was at 8.30am on a Monday morning. She was parked in her car outside her office and was due into work at 9.30am. She was direct and said that she wanted to give up smoking and ‘could I fit her in at around 5pm tonight please ? ’ I said that of course I would be happy to give her an appointment but asked if she had about 15-20mins now just to talk through what her expectations were and for me to explain how I worked. If she ( after our conversation ) wanted to proceed then we could certainly book an appointment. She said she had an hour before she had to be in work so I asked her if she could give me a little background to stopping smoking ( I had a note pad already on my desk and wrote down relevant information – key points, her primary modality, her pace and tone, her length of sentences and construction of them – flowing or short etc, did she use metaphors or specific strategies to ‘get her point across, ’ what was her mood and did it change at all throughout the conversation and so on – anything I felt may be relevant to any therapy I may plan for her ). Louise spoke quickly and I knew she was smoking at the time. She said that she had smoked since she was about 16 however she wanted to start a family and her mother had told her that she would have to give up smoking. Louise knew that it would be hard for her to give up smoking – despite knowing it was bad for her and for her baby – however she liked it. It gave her a break at work, it relaxed her when she was stressed and also her boyfriend smoked and was not interested in quitting. She then said ‘…..and anyway, no, I don’t care about him…he will just have to smoke in the garden in future.’ She then started to get quite upset and said that they had had a row the previous evening and she had left the house before he got up this morning and ‘ she just wanted to give up smoking.’ I asked her if she wanted to give up for herself or because her mother had told her to and she said that she knew her mother was right – both her parents had given up on the same day 5 years ago – she wanted a healthier lifestyle for herself. She had seen the health of her parents improve and more to the point she no longer thought they may get cancer ‘ at any moment ’ and die. 
Louise answered the telephone almost immediately and confirmed that it was convenient for us to talk – she said that since our conversation she had discussed her intention at length with her boyfriend who was now committed to helping her stop smoking. Infact he had said that ‘I may try and stop with you – or just smoke in the garden .’ 
She said he wanted to listen to our conversation and was sat with her now. I asked if she was happy with that arrangement and she said she was. I said I would like to run through the forms she had filled in then listen to the research she had done and then ask a few final questions. She was fine with that. 
Louise had confirmed she was in full time employment as a lawyer and living with her partner. Under ‘issues she wanted to resolve’ she had written ‘ I want to stop smoking’ and regarding what outcome she was looking for ‘ to stop smoking ready to start a family.’ I asked if there were any other reasons why she wanted to stop smoking apart from to start a family ( firstly, because I wanted to make sure she wanted to stop for herself first and foremost and secondly because I did not want having a baby to become the total focus of her life since she may not get pregnant immediately or ever – I wanted to make sure that Louise’s focus was on Louise ).  
She said she knew it was not good for her and her parents had given up years ago but ‘ I like it and it gives me a break from work, and my boyfriend smokes.’ ( She had written these facts under ‘ what stops you from achieving this on your own ?’ on my client intake form ). I asked if she could explain to me what she meant by ‘ not good for her.’  
Preparation – As the session was a single 90minute session and given the amount of work I proposed to do to help Louise stop smoking completely I had prepared extensively for the session. I had loaded Google Body Browser onto my computer and had it ready to be turned on so that when Louise arrived the main image could be seen clearly on my screen. 
It is an amazing FREE programme that starts by showing a computer generated image of a woman in a simple blue dress and then with every click the ‘layers come off ’ ( tastefully and clinically ) to reveal firstly her naked body then her muscles, then nerves, blood circulatory system, organs and respiratory systems etc and finally bones. I challenge anyone to look at it and not feel a little pang of guilt that we don’t look after such an amazing thing perhaps as well as we should and to be in awe at the complexity and miracle of the human body. 
I had established that Louise’s primary modality was auditory however she was quite visual as well. She was a bright lady and I was confident she would manage and respond well to the amount of work I planned for us to do together. I was ready to record the session ( if she so wished and to send her a copy of the cd ) so that she could refer to it at any time and in order that she did not feel in the session under pressure to remember what we were doing or take notes. She could simply ‘ enjoy the ride.’ 
I hope that you have enjoyed reading this story and if anything is of interest to you or if you are truly ready to give up smoking, please give me a call. Fiona : 07968 106113 
- Think how much money you could save towards Christmas and how much more energy you would have if you gave up smoking today……… 
My work is tailor made for you as a unique individual as I believe this potentiates your chances of success – however it’s up to you in the end. 
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