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Written on October 2014 
Hypnotherapy and Talking : If you are feeling lost or unsure of yourself or a bit ‘ stuck in a rut ’ may be I can help. I have written a few key points here for you to read which illustrate how I work and if any of them interest you or if you would just like to talk to me please call when you are ready. I will not rush you off the telephone and our initial chat will not cost you anything at all except your time which I hope will be a good investment for you. 
Talking is a Connection and it is why we are all here. Connection gives purpose and meaning to our lives although often when people are asked what Connection means to them they end up talking about what disconnection is. In the same way, sometimes when people are asked about what Belonging means to them all they end up talking about is what being excluded is all about... about not belonging. People fear disconnection and ask themselves ‘ what is wrong with me that means I am not connected, am I not good enough ?’ and these feelings and thoughts are underpinned by a sense of Vulnerability. 
There are two types of people whom we all meet – those people who have a deep sense of worthiness, love and belonging and these are the people who truly believe they are worthy of love and belonging and connection. And there are those people who do not because they do not think of themselves as worthy. 
I’m going to ask you a question now - 
Do you know what is unique about those people who have a sense of worthiness ?’ 
Well, it could be said that they are whole hearted people – they have Courage. Courage comes from the Latin ‘ cor ’ which means heart and these people have the courage to tell the story of who they are with all their heart. They have the courage to be imperfect and have the passion to be kind to themselves first and others second because we cannot treat others with compassion if we do not first experience it for ourselves. 
These people have connections as a result of authenticity because they are able to let go of who they felt they should be in order to be who they are. They fully embrace Vulnerability – they believe what made them vulnerable made them beautiful and that what made them feel vulnerable, whilst sometimes being excruciating or painful, was necessary. 
These people have a fundamental willingness to do something with no idea how it will turn out. 
Vulnerability is the core of Fear but it is also the birth place of Creativity and Flare and Belonging. So why do we struggle with vulnerability ? Why do we numb it ? 
You can’t selectively numb bad emotions with cake, chocolate, alcohol, drugs or whatever you may think helps to ease the pain because in numbing the bad emotions you also numb joy and happiness and love. So we have another piece of cake or glass of wine and the thing goes round and round and round in a never ending cycle until something has to give and we finally stop and think and focus inwards for a while. We finally look closely at what is really and truly happening and break the cycle and once we understand more clearly what is happening we can start to work from the inside outwards.  
We can be honest with ourselves and move on finding and practicing new coping strategies and not depending on old out of date maladaptive coping strategies that have not been serving us very well at all. 
In our lives we often make uncertain things certain – this is right / that is wrong – and we do this because of fear and blame. We perfect everything and children are hard wired for struggle right from the start. Wouldn’t it be more helpful and healthy to accept instead that we are all imperfect and worthy of loving and belonging and connection.  
To let ourselves be seen and know that we have an impact on others. To let ourselves be vulnerably seen and to lean into vulnerability... and to believe we are enough and that we are worthy. 
The Process : 
By talking together we can focus inwards. I use Neuro Linguistic Programming( NLP ) which is a proven technique with a long history of success. This will enable us to look at the strategies you use verbally and non-verbally and it will also help us understand how your brain stores and processes information. 
I use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ( CBT ) which will enable us to look at your thoughts and if necessary generate some more helpful ones for you. 
It is possible to achieve lasting and permanent change using both of these techniques and if you choose to add hypnosis to them then real miracles can happen. In some instances change can be instant and in others it can build over time. 
In either instance the process requires dedication and commitment from both parties – from you and from me. 
You will never have to say anything that you do not want to say and whilst I will offer you methods to achieve the change you desire, the pace that we go at and the direction that you wish to go in will be totally yours. 
I will always explain whatever we are doing carefully to you and if you do not understand it we will talk about it until you are happy. Only then will we proceed. 
t is not necessary to include hypnosis as hypnosis is simply a ‘ tool’ that can be used to achieve the change you desire- there are many other therapeutic tools that we can use. The choice is always yours. 
We will set short term and medium term and long term goals so that you and I are able to measure your achievements and the progress you have made. 
If you would like to talk, call me. As I said at the beginning – I will not rush you off the telephone and there will be no obligation to book an appointment. Picking the telephone up is often the hardest part so when you are ready give me a call and we can find out where you are right now and take you to where you want to be in a way that is comfortable for you. I look forward to speaking to you. 


Written on September, 2013 
Hypnotherapy and Your Body : The Mind/Body connection : Your body is an incredible thing! Someone once said to me that the body is like the best ever Chemistry set you could ever be given. It is full of wonderful systems and balances most of which we are unaware of and sometimes take completely for granted. I am fascinated and encouraged by how the body regulates and maintains and repairs itself. 
The modern technique of using a radioisotope allows us to trace the chemicals that enter and leave the body and demonstrates that 98% of the atoms of the entire body are replaced every year. Each structure of the body has its own rate of reformation. Apparently the lining of the stomach renews itself in one week and the skin is entirely replaced in one month. The liver is regenerated within six weeks. Some tissues are relatively slow to turn over for example the supporting tissue of the body called collagen however the bone on the other hand is specially dynamic. 
Our body is constantly dissolving and renewing itself. 
Apparently in the next five years we will have completely renewed our hair and our nails and in five years time not a single atom of our present body will be here and five years ago ‘ you didn’t exist ?’ We each breathe in and out thousands and thousands of times a day and it is automatic. Our body does it for us whilst we concentrate on deadlines and word documents and remembering ‘Aunty Minni’s 60th Birthday.’ 
Breathing is a miracle in itself. Before oxygen can reach the cells it has to travel through the lungs and blood circulation. The air is inhaled through our noses or mouth and travels down the wind pipe called the trachea and the trachea divides into two smaller tubes one supplying each lung and these tubes known as bronchi branch off getting smaller and smaller until they become microscopic in size and after about 15 generations of branches they terminate into tiny tubes called bronchioles each of which ends in a series of tiny air sacs with very thin delicate walls called alveoli. And surrounding the alveoli is a network of tiny blood vessels known as capillaries. The walls of these capillaries are so thin that the oxygen can easily flow through them and the inside is so narrow that blood cells literally have to squeeze through them. Gaseous exchange takes place between the air in the alveoli and the blood in the capillaries and ideally there should be a match between the amount of blood flowing through the capillaries and oxygen brought to the alveoli by breathing… and this is the physiology of breathing. Breath. Life. 
If you are interested in how the body is made and what it looks like look up Google Body Browser. It’s free and a wonderful computer programme. It’s state of the art technology and you may need an upgrade to view it however it is well worth it. 
Whilst hypnosis cannot be said to cure anything, it can be said to heal some of the effects of mental, physical and emotional conditions. 
It can ‘take the heat’ out of them and by using the wonderful resource that we have – our subconscious mind – we can respond in a much more healthy way. Understanding how much we can participate in our health or illness is a significant first step for everyone in getting well. It is a critically important step. In Carl Simonton’s book on Getting Well Again ( 1978 ) they state clinical trials on life expectancy and disease showed that 
‘ the essential difference between these patients and those who would not cooperate was in their attitude toward their disease and their positive stance toward life. The patients who continued to do well, for one reason or another, had a stronger will to live.’ 
If you think that we can work together, please do not hesitate to call. I am happy to work with your Doctor with your permission and in fact would advise that they be included in any programme since I have no medical training. I assure you of complete confidentiality and respect at all times. The hardest decision often is picking up the phone. I will not rush you off the telephone and the time that we spend talking will not cost you anything, only your time. 


Written on August, 2013 
Hypnotherapy and Emotional Intelligence : One of my favourite quotations focuses on the fact we believe ourselves to be ‘thinking creatures that feel, whereas in fact we are actually feeling creatures that think’ ( Jill Bolte-Taylor – My Stroke of Insight ) and once we understand this we realise that we cannot trust our instinctive response ( not all the time anyway ). If we can just pause and think rationally for a few seconds at least then we could slow down or even prevent the effects of the sudden release of adrenalin which our instinctive responses trigger to ‘ protect us.’ Jill Bolte-Taylor adds that ‘ responsibility ’ should be written ‘ response-ability .’ Human beings have conscious awareness and therefore we have a choice/ ability to respond ( or not ) to situations rather than instinctively running away / fighting / freezing ( the primitive flight or flight response ). 
The Stress Response : 
The body releases adrenalin as a direct response to perceived danger which causes muscles to tense however if the body then tenses up again as a response to the ‘felt’ tension then more adrenaline will be released causing even more tension – so tensing up because we have tensed up makes things much worse.  
The key is to not tense up or at least to understand what is going on and stop the cycle / to relax and let the tension subside. When adrenaline is released into the bloodstream it immediately affects the muscles of our heart making it to pump faster to get blood to the parts of the body that will help us ‘ fight or flight.’ 
The faster beating of your heart / hearing that pounding in your ear can make you fearful maybe because of the fear a stroke or heart attack which in turn can trigger the release of more adrenaline. 
Sometimes the chest muscles tighten and breathing is constricted because of the adrenaline – which causes more fear which releases more adrenalin. Uneven breathing upsets the balance required between carbon dioxide and oxygen gaseous exchange which can have obvious worrying effects for the individual who is now having trouble breathing properly. 
They can feel dizzy and experience blurred vision as the body pumps blood into the major muscle groups in preparation for the perceived necessity to ‘ flight ( run ) or flight ’ and as a result of the tiny muscles behind their eyes relaxing and contracting because of the effect of adrenaline on their system. Again – a worrying symptom if you do not understand what it is. 
Headaches and tension are caused by the release of adrenaline which constricts the scalp muscles. 
Adrenaline is released into the stomach which can cause the knotting sensation associated with stress as the stomach muscles also relax and contract. An individuals mouth can seem to dry out as adrenaline shuts down the digestive system – you do not need to eat whilst fighting or ‘ flighting’ and they can experience sweating as the body pre-cools before the burst of energy it perceives it is going to require. 
The body releases noradrenaline which stimulates the liver to release sugars and fats into the system in preparation for the flight or fight which can lead to cravings afterwards as the body tries to replenish its stocks of energy giving reserves. 
The body also releases Cortizol which thickens the blood ‘ in case of injury.’ Which is fine if indeed we are injured however thickening of the blood can lead to blood clots / stroke / heart attacks. 
So whilst our instinctive knee jerk most primitive Flight or Fight response is vital in an emergency it is not as useful or healthy in dealing with more daily stressors for example being late for work, burning the toast, preparing for a meeting, sitting an examination and so on. 
Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can give the control back to you over your emotions. It will give you with the ability to respond in a more helpful and healthy way – Response- ability. 
If you would like to have a chat about how hypnosis and hypnotherapy may work for you please give me a call and we can give you back control over your emotions and help you respond in a more helpful and healthy way. 
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