Packages and Pricing 

Initial Telephone Consultation - £0

This call usually lasts up to an hour, but there isn’t a strict limit.  

Under 18's 1 Hour Session - £65

Younger people don’t tend to need the two-hour session; therefore, I offer a shortened one-hour session at a lower price for them. Again, if the session does run over there is not an additional charge.  

Two Hour Session - £130

In the first hour we talk and work with/towards your desired outcome.  

Where appropriate the second hour comprises of hypnosis. However, if this is not the most appropriate treatment, then we continue with the most appropriate strategy for you. 

Shorter Sessions for Adults - £TBC

If you are unable to stay for a two-hour session, and would like a shortened version we can discuss a discounted rate for this. Call me and we can discuss an arrangement for you.  


Ongoing Sessions

Ongoing sessions go at the pace appropriate for you and are charged at the usual hourly rate.  

My Commitments and Fees

My commitment to you and to myself – any treatment programme involves the work and commitment from the two parties involved. Whilst I cannot guarantee that I will fix whatever problem or challenge you have, I can assure you of my very best attention at all times.

I ask please that you turn up on time where possible and in a positive frame of mind to work. Both you and I will be working together as a team to reach your desired outcome – it is not possible for me to get you there on your own.

I will prepare you thoroughly for the time we spend together and, in most instances, this takes many hours of detailed work. I enjoy the preparation and analysis required for effective therapy as much as I enjoy the actual sessions. I read personal growth and therapy hypnosis resource material constantly and by choice. I have attended many courses for professional development to further my skills and understanding.  

I will treat you with the utmost respect at all times and if at any time it seems appropriate to involve another professional who can offer additional help of their specific skill, I will always give you that option. My commitment is to take you from where you are to where you want to be in the best and most effective way possible.  

I ask please that you turn up on time where possible and in a positive frame of mind to work. Both you and I will be working together as a team to reach your desired outcome – it is not possible for me to get you there on my own. 

These sessions are not on a strict time limit – so if we run over do not worry as there is no charge for this. However, if you need to be somewhere following our appointment, please let me know at the start of the session.  

I make sure that clients are not booked close together to avoid bumping into others as you are arriving/leaving. You will also not be kept waiting for an appointment either.  

I feel it is important not to rush therapy, therefore I enjoy being thorough in these sessions. If we do run over, like I have noted above, please let me know before our session begins if you need to leave on time.  

You are welcome to bring your phone into the session to record it, so you can listen back to it in the future.  

For my shorter adult sessions, call me and we can discuss what times would work for you. I’d like to be able to help you at your convenience so please don’t feel you need to have a two-hour session for it to be beneficial if you cannot commit to that time.   

My sessions are able to be booked any time between 9am and 9pm, Monday to Friday. These can be in-person or remote and are charged at the same rate.  

The areas I cover are Milton Keynes, Buckingham, Northampton, Wellingborough, Aylesbury, Banbury, Bicester, Bedford, Dunstable, Luton, St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, and surrounding areas. If your area is not listed, please still get in contact as I will be able to help you as I do offer remote sessions.  

Payments and Cancellation Terms 

I issue an invoice at the end of each session with my bank details on it to enable easy bank transfer at your convenience.   

Late arrival to your appointment may mean a shorter session.  

Cancellations will need to be made 24 hours ahead of your arranged appointment or the session may be charged in full.  

Your Therapy Journey Starts Here

Call Fiona on 07968 106 113 or fill out the form below

“After a tough year of not feeling myself with stress and low mood I decided to try hypnotherapy to see if I could be more positive about myself. I didn’t have any expectations about this but after the first meeting I found I was more upbeat and found it easier to relax and channel more positive thoughts. I would recommend this if anyone who wants to achieve their goals.”

Providing you with the most help in the least time. 

Face to face appointments are available 9am-9pm Monday to Friday or alternatively I offer remote sessions via Teams or Zoom or FaceTime.

07968 106 113

IMPORTANT NOTICE and PRIVACY POLICY : As you may be aware new Data Protection Legislation came in to force in the UK on 25th May 2018. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is EU wide legislation, and is currently being enacted into UK law and will become the 2018 Data Protection Act.

This legislation affects every business that handles personal data for clients or staff. Personal data has been defined by the act as ‘any information relating to an identifiable person who can be directly or indirectly identified’, this will include such data as name and contact details, but may also include information such as IP Addresses. It will be necessary for me to contact you by email and phone and text and if you do not want me to use any of these methods please let me know. 

The personal data I collect about you will include data relating to your name, address, date of birth, wider contact details and data relating to health. I will process your personal data to allow me to provide you with services relating to psychotherapy and wellbeing.

I will only use your data for the purpose for which it was collected and it will remain confidential at all times. Your records shall be kept for at least 7 years following the last occasion on which treatment was given.  In the case of treatment to minors records will be kept or at least 7 years after they reach the age of majority (18).