I wanted to share this email that I received from Conor’s teacher today after his week at PGL. It was so heart warming: 

‘Good morning I hope that you are well and Conor has caught up on his sleep!! I just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how impressed I was with Conor last week. Being away from school and the pressures of the classroom etc really gave him the opportunity to shine. He was so
supportive with all his peers, taking time to help them sort harnesses, equipment etc before he did his own; in team activities he ensured that he supported the whole group and he was so considerate of others anxieties and concerns with some of the more challenging activities. I know that he often finds work in class challenging, but he should be really proud of himself and acknowledge all the many qualities he has.’ 

I had an appointment with you in April and I just wanted to say how much more confident and less nervous I have felt since then.

The session helped me so much and I cannot thank you enough. I have been out and about to shows and other things, horse related and not horse related and have really looked forward to them and enjoyed them. I just feel so much better generally with all your help. I also know to come back to you if I need some help in the future which helps a lot. I just wanted to say a massive thank you and I am so glad my instructor suggested I contact you.

Just wanted to let you know that all the ladies who have been to see you have been getting on so well. Aysha has taken her horse out to dressage and hacking and they are such a team. They’ve been with their horse to a show at the weekend, cantered in a field in front of the class and continues to send most of their lessons in canter. Aysha went to dressage last night and thoroughly enjoyed herself and Aysha rode the best she has in a long time in her jump session the other day – she LOVED your approach. You really make such a difference and it is so appreciated. 

I just thought you might want some feedback from the session you delivered. The delegates really loved you. They commented that you were very interesting, your input to the course was excellent. They said you were enthusiastic and inspiring and that they found your content very helpful indeed. They thoroughly enjoyed your session and said you were a fantastic speaker – very engaging.  

We are delighted and look forward to working with you again over the next two months and in the future.  

The idea of talking to someone scared me. Like, I didn’t want to face the fact it would be good. Plus being young you think you know what’s right. But the decision to email was fantastic, really easy to throw all your feelings out into one place, without anyone getting annoyed or judging. I’ve learnt so many techniques and different ways of looking at things, its worked out well.  

My life isn’t perfect, but that’s the whole point. You learn to respect and embrace what is there in front of you. It’s been really helpful being able to explain any problems I’ve had to someone who actually understands them, and I’ve been fairly inspired. I’ve managed to help other people with their problems at the same time. Thank you! 

I just wanted to thank you for helping me through a low time in my life. Having never been to a therapist before I was slightly sceptical and had no real idea what to expect. From the moment I met you one dark, cold December night I felt instantly at ease and had a “sixth sense” that you’d be able to ‘fix’ me. And I was right. It may have only been a couple of sessions but it really did give me food for thought and a different perspective on my life and on what I wanted for my future without the need to focus on the painful past.  

With your advice I gained perspective and things didn’t seem as bad anymore. Your stories during the hypnosis parts of the sessions have stayed with me and I have called on them during ‘wobbly’ times which I’m pleased to say are now very rare.  

I no longer blame myself for a relationship ending – which I had done before I met you. I am, and will remain forever grateful to you for your warmth, support and guidance. You definitely converted a “therapy cynic” and I’d happily recommend your services to family and friends.  

Fiona is patient, kind and caring. She explains everything in detail and uses examples to fully explain things when you’re unsure. Fiona has a real passion for her work which is obvious in all she does and helps put you at ease. So you feel at ease right from the start. I highly recommend Fiona to anyone who wants to try hypnotherapy. She works with you whatever your problem to help you understand it and yourself more thoroughly. She helps boost your morale and keeps you going and on track when things can seem daunting… Fiona really does help you on your journey to where you want to be.  

I was suffering from nerves and lack of self-belief with respect to my golf swing, golf lessons did not seem to work, so I decided to try hypnotherapy. Following my sessions with Fiona, I definitely have more confidence.  

My approach to golf has vastly improved, not necessarily all my shots yet, but I am sure that will come! Fiona has also taught me how to calm myself before taking a shot, and how to forget about the bad ones! These are tools, you cannot find in the golf bag!  

Fiona has a unique ability to guide you through a concern enabling you to pinpoint issues, understand and fix them. She is highly intelligent, empathetic and gifted therapist who takes you to the heart of an experience helping you to find the root and leads you out to a refreshing new place of energy and restoration.

I have no hesitation in recommending Fiona to anyone as a unique skilled hypnotherapist.  

After a tough year of not feeling myself with stress and low mood I decided to try hypnotherapy to see if I could be more positive about myself.

I didn’t have any expectations about this but after the first meeting I found I was more upbeat and found it easier to relax and channel more positive thoughts. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to achieve their goals. 

I wanted to tell you that when I came last year to sit in your lovely comfy chair (!!), you talked me through a hot air balloon scenario and putting all my thoughts into the basket etc. This week has been so hectic that I have used that thought process every evening when trying to go to sleep. My head has been so busy with thoughts whizzing round everywhere that it has really helped to clear them and let me get some sleep!  

I know I only came a few times, but your methods of breaking issues down and trying to see paths more clearly (I was telling someone about your town planning diagram the other day) have helped me beyond belief. I was in such a flipping state this time last year and had no idea what I was going to do, why I was going to do it and how the family would fit in, which all made my self-confidence really low. I can only thank you for giving me the “clinical hypnotherapists” kick up the bottom which has allowed me and my husband to put together a long-term plan for ourselves and our family.  

I still can’t believe I am now the proud owner of a shop, but something is emerging from deep inside me and making me far more confident (slowly) and allowing me to believe in myself for the first time in a long time.  

I shall be making hubby do the coin trick tonight as he isn’t sleeping very much in the hopes that that is less painful for him than the baseball bat, I may get to him in the next few days!  

Will raise a glass to you at the corporate lunch on Friday.  

I would like to take a moment to say thank you for your recent help on two occasions, the first for smoking cessation and the second to help train our team on NLP and CBT.  

I found the Smoking Cessation to be very useful, by giving me techniques I can use on a day-to-day basis it wasn’t such a mountain to get over after all. The most fascinating thing I found about this was that on all my previous failed attempts at quitting smoking, it was the ‘cravings or withdrawal symptoms that me start again, well this is not actually true…

With hypnotherapy, I felt now cravings which were refreshing as I work and live in a very high paces environment and not having these cravings gave me the ability to stop. I would recommend this service to anyone who was serious about leaving smoking behind.  

The NLP and CBT training was fantastic. The ability to understand what type of character somebody is, is paramount for the relationship building in our industry where a sale doesn’t happen at the time you meet someone, it takes a long period of time to deliver a commercial construction project (specification sales) and that relationship strength is the key to our success. I feel confident that we have a good opportunity to use these ideas immediately and see very quick results. If you want to get the best from your staff, suppliers, clients or even family then I would recommend this course to everyone in all walks of life.  

Fiona is excellent at communicating with all personalities (you would hope so being a therapist!) and remains professional to the letter. It’s been a joy working with Fiona and can honestly say that if you want the edge in life or business then she will help you focus and work with you the achieve the mind-set you need to get there.  

I had always been very sceptical about hypnosis and counselling of any description in the past. I would consider myself to be a strong-willed individual who is in control of my life.

However, there is always room for improvement so with an open mind I started speaking to Fiona about the one area of my life I was less happy with….my weight and body image. I’m not quite sure how this works but it does work and the outcome from my meetings with Fiona has been extremely positive.

I am a converted sceptic who has now achieved my goal weight within four months and has a much more positive outlook on my body image. Fiona has a great approach and I imagine also can adapt her style to suit her clients and their particular needs extremely well. If you’re struggling with weight issues and have tried every other method in the book, I would say this is the easiest and most pain-free way of losing weight! 

I had three sessions with Fiona which I found to be not only very helpful but also extremely insightful. It quickly became obvious that Fiona has a thorough understanding of psychology and together with her techniques she was able to help me to understand what I couldn’t figure out on my own.  

Each appointment ends with a very relaxing hypnotherapy session which helps to instil all of the positive points discussed to help you in everyday life.  

I had issues with my nerves when presenting speeches. Fiona showed me ways to overcome my nerves and step out of the situation. She put me at ease immediately and the whole atmosphere was relaxing and calming. 

Before I met Fiona, my problems haunted me, I had tried to cast them out with intensive counselling. This was a very painful process, going deep in to my past.   

Fiona’s methods are pain free and effective. I am forever grateful for her subtle touch; with Fiona you don’t look at the past only to the future. This only touches the surface of what you have done for me and my family.  

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